Our Staff

We are especially interested in making all our patients feel right at home! We put your needs first to achieve efficient, comprehensive treatment. Our staff is skilled, trained strives to provide energetic and fun-loving service to each patient. Several members of the staff have been with the practice for 10 years or more, and with families of their own, they possess a personal understanding of the needs and expectations of children and their parents. As a result, our patients feel relaxed. If they eventually require braces or other orthodontic treatment, we already know their personality and can fit their treatment to their personality!


Position: Office Manager & Orthodontic Assistant
Fun Fact: She likes to study maps.
Favorite Thing about Being a CDO Smiler: Having an office that truly cares for the patients and each other.
Hobbies: Volunteering at local non-profit organizations to assist with helping animals….she has even homed a few herself!
Favorite Color: Navy Blue
Dream Vacation: She hopes to visit Ireland someday.


Position: Scheduling Coordinator
Favorite Food: Chicken Piccata
Few People Know: She is a member of an RV club.
Wishing Superpower: Omnilingualism…ability to understand & utilize all forms of communication!
Favorite Color: Purple


Position: Financial Coordinator
Pets: Two rescue dogs, Oreo & Gracie
Favorite Artist: Dolly Parton
Passions: Antiquing, reading and family photo journaling
Favorite Team: OU Sooners #1 Fan!

AleczandraAleczandra "Kia"

Position: Orthodontic & Pediatric Assistant
Fun Facts: She owns a boutique with her mother and she had the opportunity to meet Michael Strahan & Robin Roberts when she was in NY.
Hobbies: Doing make-up, working out, and traveling.
Favorite Thing about Being a CDO Smiler: Getting to know all the patients and working with an amazing group of people!
Favorite Color: Teal
Pets: Two dachshund dogs, Jax & Olive

DeanneDeanne "Dee"

Position: Pediatric Treatment Coordinator
Special Talent: She is certified in both, Riding Instructor and Equine Sports Massage Therapist …she loves spending time with the ponies!
Favorite TV show: College Football….Go Longhorns!
Vacation Spot: The beach and likes to visit her home of Canada.
Pets: Two horses, two dogs, and a bearded dragon


Position: Orthodontic Treatment Coordinator
Special Talent: Singing….she enjoys doing karaoke!
Best Work Memories: Any painting event with our patients.
Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Destination: Her home state of California
Favorite TV Show: Law & Order SVU


Position: Pediatric Dental Assistant (aka…Energizer Bunny)
Fun Fact: She has a love for music whether it is dancing to it or watching a live band.
Favorite Toy as a Kid: Lite Brite
Hobbies: She loves to mentor and volunteer with community events at her granddaughters school.
Pets: Two dogs, Lani & Riley, and dog sits her grand dog, Jax, often.
Favorite Thing About Being a CDO Smiler: Working with a team that shares core values while given the opportunity to interact with children daily!


Position: Orthodontic Assistant
Favorite TV Show: Broad City
Hobbies: Riding her bike
Pets: One dog, Genghis Khan
Favorite Toy as a Kid: Polly Pockets
Favorite Thing about Being a CDO Smiler: Everyone is a team player!


Position: Orthodontic Assistant
Special Talent: Quoting Movies
Favorite Food: Street tacos
Few People Know: She has a twin brother
Favorite Thing about Being a CDO Smiler: Working with an amazing team who work together to provide high quality customer service for the patients!
Favorite Color:Turquoise


Position: Hygiene Coordinator & Dental Assistant
Favorite Toy as a Kid: Snoopy snow cone machine
Favorite Color: Green
Wishing Superpower: The ability to talk to animals.
Favorite Band: Hunter Valentine
Hobbies: Baking...she makes a delicious strawberry cake!


Position: Dental Hygienist
Favorite TV show: Forensic Files
Dream Vacation: She hopes to visit Australia someday.
Favorite Toy as a Kid: Riding her bike.