Our Promise to You

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These are the building blocks that CDO starts with to create a winning smile.

Achieving healthy, beautiful smiles is a CDO team effort that involves our CDO orthodontists, our CDO pediatric dentists and the rest of our CDO team. The orthodontist provides the expertise, the treatment plan and the techniques to straighten teeth and align the jaws. The pediatric dentist or family dentist helps make sure that teeth and gums stay clean and healthy. The patient must cooperate by following the dentist's and the orthodontist's instructions carefully so that the teeth and jaws move in the way desired and on the prescribed schedule. Our CDO team can provide all the preventive dentistry and orthodontic treatment your family can need.

Because dental hygiene is so important, regular check-ups should continue every six months during orthodontic treatment (or more often, for high-cavity-risk patients if recommended). It is essential that the patient avoid foods which may damage orthodontic appliances. The patient must also maintain a healthy, nutritional diet to achieve the best possible results from treatment. A good diet provides essential nutrients to bones and tissues undergoing change during orthodontic treatment.

Personalizing care is essential to Dr. Oliver and the CDO team. A sound strategy for preventing cavities begins with identifying each patient's individual risk for cavities based on a number of factors. With that information, we can develop a customized plan for preventive care based on their risk. Those who are at high risk may need to come in more often for cleaning and be extra careful about their dietary habits and hygiene. Some of our low-risk patients stay cavity-free and need less frequent visits.